Enchanted Earth mobile app: Watch the earthworms transform apples and bananas to compost.
Enchanted Earth mobile app: Watch Santa and his reindeer recycle bottles, cans, and paper.
Walk-One-Week: Students across 14 Bay Area schools walked in spring 2014.
Walk-One-Week: Students walk to win breakfast, hot chocolate, movie tickets, and games.
Sow-and-Grow: Since 2009, we have grown and given away 10,000 plants.
Sow-and-Grow: Kids win plants and learn how to start their own gardens.

Enchanted Earth Mobile App

Explore the water, forest, and energy kingdoms. Meet dragons, elves, and goblins. Discover easy ways to help Earth.


Active youth participation is critical for the success of the environmental movement. In addition to bringing energy and enthusiasm, youth bring along their entire community of friends, parents, and teachers. If students go green, they will be environmentally-friendly for their entire life.


The standard method of logic, facts, and figures doesn't work for kids. We can't understand what it means to waste billions of tons of oil or release millions of pounds of CO2 into the air. Sticking to facts and figures makes helping the environment seem the same as listening to lectures in school.


We need to translate the environment into the world of youth by doing things that are fun and exciting. As youth, we love activities, we love playing games on our phones, we love challenges, we love competitions, and more than anything else, we love to win. Green Galaxy puts all of these together to encourage youth to go green.

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Take the first steps with us. Check out our kit and download the free Enchanted Earth mobile app. Learn how to organize fun activities and change your community. Together, we can take steps towards a Green Galaxy.